Thursday, April 7, 2011

Xperia X10 Mini Pro successor

Seems like the X10 mini pro successor has been spotted once again, codenamed "Mango" but it can possibly come out as Duo.

It looks like a very nice improvement over its predecessor, very good looking and it has impressive scores on benchmarks even beating a Nexus One with Froyo inside. So the known specs or this little gem will be:

CPU: Still not yet completely confirmed but a Qualcomm Snapdragon at possibly 800MHz/1GHz
Screen: 3.2 with HVGA resolution.
Camera: 5MP with HD video, besides that it comes with a video-call cam too.
Memory: Nothing certain but about 384MB.

Still to be announced officially, the X10 mini2 is already shapping up to be a very nice smartphone for a mid market. We'll just have to wait for any further info that might come up.

6 comentários:

doomsday said...

sweet little toy!

ds said...

Looks cool but I'm not really fond of qwerty on phones.

Cornflakes said...

I fucking love qwerty phones.

This shit is going to be epic. I bet you could run all kinds of shit on that phone.

Maybe Runescape too holyshit.

Everyday Normal Guy said...

Thats crazy how much powert they can fit in a little phone.

Willy Wade said...

At least this won't be 1.6. Gingerbread <3

Lemmiwinks said...

cool post, bro!

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