Thursday, March 10, 2011

L.A. Noir new gameplay trailer

With its release scheduled for May 17 in the US and May 20 in the UK, L.A. Noir has been impressing everyone since the first video released. It stands out from most other games for its extremely realistic facial expressions and what's shapping up to be a great plot.

Rockstar has made avaliable a 2nd video of gameplay, this time it focuses on interrogation and investigation that the player can do in the title.

L.A. Noir will be released on PS3, X360 and PC.

6 comentários:

Kysha said...

Cheese, will be definitely looking forward to this!

The graphics look outstanding.

amBored said...

this game looks sick +followed

Niko said...

GTA 5 ^^
Nice video , thnx for the info!!

Porfirio said...

omg need a good sandbox game soon!

DisposedCheese said...

This looks awesome. Cant' wait to play.

Azurikai said...

definitely looking good!

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